Aspera at NAB with cloud solution
April 5, 2012

Aspera at NAB with cloud solution

LAS VEGAS — Aspera ( will be at NAB, demonstrating what is now possible in the cloud for digital media companies. The company will introduce its Direct-to-S3 transfer software, which allows for seamless, high speed and secure data transfer of file-based digital content at any global distance through a combination of Aspera’s fasp transport technology with cloud based “object” storage, such as Amazon S3. 

The cloud’s promise of virtually unlimited, instant increases in compute, network, and storage resources, is tempered by significant technology challenges in getting large media data to, from, and across remote infrastructures at long distances. Until now, the full potential of the cloud to transform IT processes for digital media – such as transcoding, archiving and distributing entertainment content — has been limited by the inherent bottleneck in moving the data.

“Aspera pioneered the high-speed enablement of data-intensive workflows throughout the enterprise, and has now brought the same level of innovation to the cloud with its high-speed transport capabilities, available on-demand,” said Bhavik Vyas, director of cloud services at Aspera. “We believe that big data should move at the speed dictated by business requirements, and not be bottlenecked by conventional technologies.”

Aspera is one of the first to offer seamless, line-speed ingest and distribution of very large media files to and from cloud-based object storage such as the Amazon S3 service, independent of distance, and completely secure. With digital supply chains now spanning the globe and the complexity associated with transferring ever-larger file sizes over longer distances increasing exponentially, digital media companies can now realize the full benefits of the cloud with Aspera On-Demand solutions for the high-speed transfer, processing, and storage, of their digital content.

From a service perspective, cloud-based video encoding specialists Zencoder have built their offering on the AWS infrastructure and integrated Aspera fasp transport technology to further speed up their customers’ content delivery workflows.