CD Jeff Boortz launches Be The Creative Source
May 21, 2012

CD Jeff Boortz launches Be The Creative Source

ATLANTA — Creative director, brand strategist and graphic designer Jeff Boortz has launched Be The Creative Source (, an advertising, promotion, design, and interactive representation company. Boortz's career spans more than two decades, designing and promoting the brands of Discovery Channel, MTV, ESPN, HBO, CBS, NBC, Fox and Comcast, among others.

Out of the gate, Boortz has already signed three companies to his roster: Denver-based creative production company Impossible, international creative network United Senses, and digital creative boutique Neo-Pangea, which he will represent and work with in developing their client campaigns.

Boortz's role will exceed that of the traditional rep in taking a hands-on approach to guide his creative partners in building their respective businesses, while also enhancing their profiles and distinguishing them from other players in the marketplace. 

"Be's mission is to match the creative resource that will insure effective and innovative creative solutions to its client's communication problems, and yield long-term, ‘go-to’ relationships,” he explains. “My service allows the companies on my roster to leverage my expertise in strategic design — creative problem solving for big brands, if you will — while also helping them to build their business on the foundation of my long-standing relationships in this industry. I understand the needs of their clients, and I can focus on monitoring continually evolving industry ‘best practices.’  More importantly, I can introduce these creative shops to others with complementary skills, aligning them to create greater effect and efficiencies while broadening their client bases."

Be The Creative Source will be headquartered in Atlanta, where he served as creative director for Riot Atlanta. Previously, he spent two years as Professor of Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he also held the post of Department Chair of Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics for a year.

Boortz also founded Concrete Pictures, a content production company.