Cache-A V3.1 offers new features and enhanced LTFS capabilities
December 4, 2012

Cache-A V3.1 offers new features and enhanced LTFS capabilities

MORGAN HILL, CA — Cache-A ( has released V3.1 software, which offers enhanced LTFS capabilities and a variety of new operational features designed to allow users to archive, copy, access and exchange archived content faster and more easily. The upgrade is available across all Cache-A archive appliances — the desktop Prime-Cache5, flagship Pro-Cache5, high-performance Power-Cache and flexible Library 24/48 automation systems.

The LTFS (Linear Tape File System) enhancements include: high-speed LTFS tape-to-tape duplication, enabling users to make duplicate copies for off-site storage, or exchange material, at very high speed; and seamless LTFS tape-spanning, which allows large projects to be automatically archived across multiple LTO-5 cartridges. The advent of LTFS tape-spanning delivers huge time savings by eliminating the tedious task of users having to break up a project into cartridge-sized chunks.

LTFS is an open format that other applications and platforms can read, and provides futureproof independence from specific software apps. It is compatible across solution environments, allowing increased data mobility and content interchange.

Cache-A has added calculation of MD5 checksums of each file in an archive session into the V.3.1 release. This makes possible a range of double-checks to give users and even higher level of assurance in the data accuracy.

Based on customer feedback, Cache-A has also introduced a host of new operational tools and improvements with this upgrade, which also increase archiving efficiency. Users can now receive e-mail notifications upon the completion of archive/restore sessions on their smartphone or computer. The V.3.1 update also features dialogs that confirm the status of archive/restore operations and improve management of Cache-A Library systems.

Cache-A’s command queue feature lets users stack up archive and restore operations for each LTO drive in their library. With the new release, the command queue can now be edited and prioritized, delivering more flexibility in automated archive/restore operations.

Now Productions in LA has been using the V.3.1 software in real world environments. “The blistering speed of Cache-A’s new V.3.1 upgrade is a huge advantage in our editing and archiving workflows,” says Richard Price of NOW Productions, which produces video and archives materials for, that holds over 80,000 pieces of video and audio media covering 45 years of recordings. Now Productions uses the Power-Cache, and several Pro-Cache units, as the final archive for all projects and digitized original media.