East Pleasant helps Nats gear up for MLB season
March 26, 2012

East Pleasant helps Nats gear up for MLB season

NEW YORK — East Pleasant (www.eastpleasant.com) and its sister companies are helping MLB’s Washington Nationals gear up for the season with a new, high-energy :30 TV commercial that’s part of the team’s 2012 "Natitude" campaign. Developed in conjunction with the Nationals and their branding agency Forty Forty, the campaign's commercial was directed by East Pleasant's David Weinstein and features editorial work from Pleasant Post, along with VFX from EP*Vision. 

The spot is a montage of action shots and stylized studio close-ups, blended with narration by Nationals' players Michael Morse and Danny Espinosa. After considering different ways to tell the story, Weinstein and EP*Vision creative director, Maryam Parwana, decided the Phantom camera would be best suited for the campaign. 

"When you slow down such a fast motion as a pitcher pitching, or a batter swinging at 1500fps, it's just beautiful, and I really think it came through in the campaign," notes Weinstein. "The funniest part was talking to the coaches, who walked onto the set. They all wanted to get their hands on our footage so they could analyze their players' mechanics at 1500fps. I think they were more excited than anyone."

Lindsey Houston cut the spot and Tristan Kneschke handled color work.