EditShare updates shared storage solutions
December 26, 2012

EditShare updates shared storage solutions

BOSTON — EditShare (www.editshare.com), a provider of shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, has released EditShare Shared Storage 6.3, Ark 2.3, Flow 2.3 and Geevs 5.3. The new versions include many enhancements and features that simplify workflows and improve the overall user experience.

“We continually look for ways to improve our products, and many of the new features in this release have evolved directly from ongoing dialogue with customers,” says Andy Liebman, founder and CEO of EditShare. “Whether they involve enhancements to user permissions, additional codec support, or new backup and archive features, they are all designed to increase productivity by making the workflow more efficient and seamless.”

New enhancements for Shared Storage Version 6.3 include per-media-space selection of OS X network protocols; project browser compatibility for Adobe Premiere Pro in Windows; and read-only access for Avid style spaces.

New enhancements for Flow Version 2.3 include enhanced frame rate, raster, codec, and wrapper support, and a flow asset groups tab that gives administrators an additional way to grant users permission to browse and search for clips in flow browse. 

New features in Ark Version 2.3 include the ability for customers who have both Ark Disk and Flow to delete individual clips from their Ark Disk nearline storage. They can also leverage the new ability to delete individual clips from Ark Disk and institute migration workflows where clips move down through different tiers of storage. The Ark tape backup verification option provides additional checks to ensure that Ark backup/archive jobs have been successfully written to LTO tapes.

And for Geevs 5.3, capture and playout of QuickTime (.mov) wrapped XDCAM-EX and XDCAM-HD is now supported. At either 35 or 50 megabits, this provides a space-effective HD codec alternative for immediate exchange between QuickTime-based NLEs and ingest/playout. There have also been updates to studio multicam and Geevs live user Interfaces adding additional sorting, metadata and display features.