Eyeon’s Fusion 6.4, Avid Connection now shipping
July 12, 2012

Eyeon’s Fusion 6.4, Avid Connection now shipping

TORONTO — Eyeon Software (www.eyeonline.com) has released Fusion 6.4, which includes camera support, Avid Connection, advanced 3D and geometry particles, scripting and more.

The Eyeon Connection bridge to the Avid workflow is a big part of Fusion 6.4. Based on Avid’s AVX2 architecture Connection allow Fusion to open directly into the Avid — Media Composer, Symphony, DS and NewsCutter — timeline.

Key features include supercomputing node-based VFX and stereoscopic toolsets directly accessed in the Avid timeline, auto-populating Avid clips;  simultaneous use of software on systems or network, with concurrent editing/rendering; drag-and-drop simplicity with infinite scalability via 64-bit GPU-accelerated compositing and motion graphics; unprecedented particle generation and access to 3D environment and virtual extensions; server storage and importing/exporting process eliminated; dimension’s optical flow and disparity mapping technologies define a superior level of fix-it-in-post and Stereoscopic solutions;  VFX processing via multi CPU and GPU;  advanced Fusion toolset includes Primatte5;  Fusion 6.4 offers a transcoding lab controlled by Avid and Fusion; HDRI floating point color pipeline; Arri, Red, Phantom, and other native camera formats integrated.
Connection with AVX2 support is included as part of Fusion and Dimension 6.4 at no additional charge for current subscription owners.
Additional Fusion 6.4 features include Replicate 3D is a new tool that allows for Geometry Particles. To replicate 3D shapes at the vertex positions of any mesh offers unlimited potential. In addition, this extreme 3D tool sports the full set of Jitter and Transform options seen in Duplicate3D.

Also included is scripting. EyeonScript now contains LPeg, an extensive pattern-matching library for Lua.

Additionally, support for the PFTrack lens distortion model has been added to the LensDistort tool to further ensure a seamless pipeline with the PixelFarm products.
Other updates, such as the DirectX view spanning over two monitors, multi-frame editing of Polylines for previous or following key times only, Windows 8 compatibility, and several architectural and functionality updates.
Fusion 6.4 Linux is also available and now supports CentOS 6 and OpenSUSE 64 bit distributions.