IBC 2012: Axle solution addresses asset management and collaboration
September 7, 2012

IBC 2012: Axle solution addresses asset management and collaboration

AMSTERDAM — Boston-based Axle video (www.axlevideo.com), a startup focused on providing simple, cost-effective media management solutions for video professionals, recently introduced Axle 1.0. The solution  allows video producers, small post production teams and owners of video libraries to organize, annotate, search and collaborate on their media through a simple iPad-friendly Web interface. 

Under the company's “90-90” plan, the first 90 customers for the software will each receive 90 minutes of setup and workflow consultation with members of the product team. 

Axle interoperates with assets and workflows from several major vendors of content creation tools, and four leading vendors in the media production space: Adobe, Telestream, Active Storage and Atto. All are showing support for how Axle can add value to their customer's workflows. 

Axle video also announced that it is beginning phased shipments of Axle 1.0. The deployed version of the software is installable on a quad-core server configuration of Apple's Mac mini. Installations under Axle's 90-90 plan can be scheduled from late September through early 2013. 

Finally, Axle announced a limited-time trade in offer for owners of Apple's Final Cut Server software. By providing evidence of ownership, these customers will receive trade-in against their purchase of a base five-user axle 1.0 system.