IMT implements transcoding & storage solution for VDMS
January 6, 2012

IMT implements transcoding & storage solution for VDMS

LOS ANGELES — Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT) has designed and implemented a new high performance transcoding system and shared storage workflow at Burbank post house Visual Data Media Services ( 

VDMS focuses on the seamless repurposing and distribution of content for all media outlets, including domestic syndication, network broadcast, international distribution, home video, video-on-demand, the Internet, and mobile devices. Key components in the new VDMS install are a Rhozet Carbon Coder transcode farm from Harmonic, combined with EMC Isilon's scale-out NAS to create a large private cloud for asset management services.

"With IMT's guidance, we have launched the backend infrastructure for our new and proprietary asset management system that provides global broadcast file distribution and Web publishing of all our clients' digital assets,” explains VDMS CEO John Trautman (pictured). “With an optimized transcode platform and a large private cloud for storage, it makes managing and moving assets a straightforward and automated process."

The new Harmonic Rhozet and EMC Isilon X200 installation at VDMS enables clients to manage and distribute their content in a secure online environment. Key features include customizable metadata schemas; file downloads; push files via Aspera, Smartjog and Signiant; full online asset screenings; and unlimited user access for client screenings to assist in licensing content. All major formats and codecs are supported.