'Journey 2 tests Eyeon tools
February 9, 2012

'Journey 2 tests Eyeon tools

TORONTO — The sequel to Journey to the Centre of the Earth hits theaters tomorrow (February 10), and Eyeon’s Fusion and Dimension software applications played a key role in bringing the fantasy to life. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island takes the viewer on an adventurous trip with Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson, and Vanessa Hudgens to an island that houses the remains of the lost city of Atlantis.

VFX supervisor Boyd Shermis says he put Eyeon’s Fusion to task on the film, using it to “temp, analyze, scrutinize, format, and reformat a million images, all in native stereo. Many thanks to my good friend Steve Roberts of Eyeon, and the good folks at Stereotech, who reformatted and remapped tons of footage.”

Dimension will soon be released and works as a supercomputing optical flow technology that has been developed to provide stereoscopic 3D studios with an advanced S3D convergence, alignment, and disparity generation science. 

“Journey 2 offered us a real world project where we could develop and test Dimension,” explains Eyeon (www.eyeonline.com) CEO Steve Roberts. “Dealing with true stereo problems brought out the best in the team to meet the production’s deadline. Thanks to Journey 2, we now know that the new generation of ‘fix it in post’ stereo tooling is here.”