July 23, 2012

MPC opens Santa Monica pre-vis studio

SANTA MONICA — MPC Film has opened a pre-production studio in Santa Monica that is outfitted with experienced previs artists. The studio features a screening room for on-site client reviews and approvals, and networking technology allows for collaboration and review of sequences completed between each of MPC’s global facilities.

The new studio is being headed by previs supervisor Duane Floch (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Incredible Hulk, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) and MPC’s LA-based executive producer Julian Levi.

"We are excited to have the ability to work directly with LA based filmmakers on previs and conceptual development in the early stages of production, and later in the production process collaborating on post vis,” says Levi. “The Santa Monica studio will also act as a hub for MPC's global facilities. Whether work is being produced in London, Vancouver, Bangalore, India or Santa Monica, it can all come together and be presented in the screening room here.”

MPC’s managing director of film, Christian Roberton adds: “Over recent years we have seen our involvement in projects start earlier and earlier in the production cycle.  Previs is one tool that helps filmmakers plan and envisage not only the VFX and production aspects of a project; but also helps allocate the all-important budget.  We feel that by offering this service in the LA area we enhance our offering by collaborating locally with directors and VFX supervisors who can then further utilize the MPC team where necessary.”