Nomad edits new iPad Mini spots
November 12, 2012

Nomad edits new iPad Mini spots

SANTA MONICA — Nomad Editing Company (, with locations in Santa Monica, New York and London, recently cut two new spots that promote Apple’s iPad Mini. TBWA\Media Arts Lab conceived Books and Photos, which set the new Mini next to its larger predecessor. The spots highlight the Mini’s ability to do the same functions as the larger iPad, but in a smaller footprint.

In Books, a hand is shown selecting titles from a library on both devices. The hand is able to choose books, flip pages and add bookmarks on the new Mini much like on the older device. 

In Photos, the devices show off their image skills. The sequence begins with the larger iPad displaying an image, which then continues onto the smaller device. Both are able to zoom and rotate the images in the same manner.

Eric Kissack and Jenny Mogen cut the Photos spot. Ben Gibbs at D-Train served as Flame artist. Mogen cut the Books spots, again with Gibbs handling Flame work.