April 16, 2012

Nvidia helps power Adobe's Creative Suite 6

LAS VEGAS — Adobe is showing Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software accelerated with Nvidia GPUs at NAB 2012. Whether in small agencies or the largest media conglomerates, creative pros want tools that let them bring their vision to life as fast as possible, without having to trade off quality for speed and interactivity. Now, with the upcoming release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium with acceleration from Nvidia Quadro and Tesla professional GPUs, artists and editors have the latest power and interactivity at their disposal. 

Motion graphics that would take hours to create can now be done in minutes. Effects that used to render a few frames per second now run at full speed. Color grading that wasn’t possible at this price point is now within the easy reach of small shops.

Following the introduction of the innovative Nvidia CUDA -accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine in previous versions of Premiere Pro, Adobe has now added more support for Nvidia GPUs throughout the entire  Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software. Artists and editors can see workflow improvements using Quadro and Tesla GPUs, and Maximus technology, which offer high-end performance for accelerating the new and improved tools in the Creative Suite.

After Effects CS6 simplifies and accelerates the motion graphics workflow with a powerful new 3D compositing pipeline that employs ray tracing for uncompromised image quality. Creative pros can now incorporate extruded and beveled text and shapes directly within After Effects, integrate their rendering with its native layers, and eliminate the traditional time-consuming back and forth with external 3D tools. Adobe’s new “Ray trace 3D” renderer leverages the Nvidia OptiX ray tracing engine for rendering realistic materials, accurate reflections, soft shadows, depth of field, and motion blur. The new ray tracing becomes truly interactive, delivering final frames up to 27x faster when using Nvidia GPUs, as compared to dual hex-core CPUs alone.
The Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro now provides up to an 8x performance boost for fast video editing. It also features new GPU accelerated features like Uninterrupted Playback, a new and improved Three-Way Color Corrector with additional capabilities, and realtime playback of stabilized video utilizing the new Warp Stabilizer. This enables fluid playback of today’s most challenging video and D-Cinema formats, including DSLR, Red 4, and 5K native footage, with improved multi-cam support for an unlimited amount of cameras. In addition, Nvidia has created a plug-in for Premiere Pro CS6 that enables support for NVIDIA Quadro SDI Output cards, which support multiple channels of HD-SDI output at very low latencies.

Creative Suite 6 will include SpeedGrade CS6, a realtime, professional color grading tool optimized for Nvidia Quadro GPUs, with exclusive support for Nvidia SDI Output cards. Only the Quadro 4000, Quadro 5000, and Quadro 6000 are recommended for Adobe SpeedGrade, giving users maximum precision and performance for color grading RAW and High Dynamic Range content.

Photoshop CS6 features the new Mercury Graphics Engine, adding key, new GPU-accelerated features like liquify, puppet warp and intuitive new blur tools. This expands on an already wide variety of GPU-accelerated features to enable faster previews, real-time imaging, and smooth response times for unprecedented speed and fluid editing, compositing, and image manipulation.

Only Nvidia Quadro GPUs paired with Quadro SDI Output cards enable graphics-to-video output in both SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro CS6, enabling efficient SDI monitoring of the complete workflow in the same GPU-accelerated system.
Combining Quadro and Tesla GPUs and a single unified driver in the same workstation, Maximus-powered systems enable video professionals to create complex, multi-layer projects faster than before, transforming their editing workflows by enabling simultaneous high-performance graphics and parallel processing, further increasing their productivity and empowering their creativity.