Rodeo FX continues 'Twilight' work
November 19, 2012

Rodeo FX continues 'Twilight' work

MONTREAL — Rodeo FX contributed 50 visual effects shots to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, which opened on Friday, November 16. The studio provided a number of digital background scenes for the film depicting various jungle and city locations around the world. Rodeo FX also produced a number of green-screen comps and headshot replacements.

Terry Windell, VFX supervisor for the film, says Rodeo FX’s work was instrumental in the scene depicting the Volturi’s past, which takes place in a Medieval Russian village. The studio created the establishing matte painting for the scene as well as set extensions and matte paintings as seen at dusk, with a castle in the background. 

The action is taking place in Cairo, Egypt. Matte painting set extension and 3D projection of city and main building, including redoing full comp and matte painting palm trees.

“They were able to extend the village with great continuity, all against very dramatic red skies,” notes Windell. “They also added fires and interactive light to this village scene, to give it a truly ominous feel. In another scene, in which an image of Brazil is projected into Edward’s mind by another character, they provided a matte painting and a waterfall. The Rodeo FX team is excellent at presenting us with material that depicts a particular mood and sensibility. They did a wonderful job.”

Rodeo FX used Flame, Flare and Nuke for compositing. For CG, the studio relied on XSI with Arnold, along with Mari and Maya. Matte painting were created primarily using Photoshop. All of the project management was performed using Shotgun.
In addition to the new Twilight movie, Rodeo FX also contributed to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Set extension of the house and forest (Live plate is only 50 percent center crop in image) and castle in background.