SGO further develops Mistika, launches free training app
April 17, 2012

SGO further develops Mistika, launches free training app

LAS VEGAS — SGO ( is at NAB with its Mistika DI and stereo 3D workflow solutions and systems. Mistika provides a complete suite of features including timeline-based editing, conforming, infinite layer compositing, color grading, advanced graphics, optical flow-based motion estimation and image restoration. The system can work across all resolutions, in 2D and stereoscopic 3D at high speeds and at the highest quality. 

New features on display at NAB include High Frame Rate (HFR) support, with realtime, high-resolution playback, in 2D and stereo 3D at 48fps, and even 60fps. New tools have also been added to Mistika's color grading and stereo 3D functions, including support of the new Tangent Device Element grading control surfaces. For Red Epic, both 5K and High Frame Rate data is fully supported, along with functions that allow the merging and re-timing of dual exposure High Dynamic Range images such as HDRx, using a blend tools to guarantee final image perfection. 

For Arri Alexa, Mistika provides realtime playback directly from Raw data files, including the addition of non-destructive creative grading, as well as the ability to playback multiple streams of Apple's ProRes format. A camera-agnostic debayer facility allows high quality and instant access to many other bayered camera formats such as the Phantom. Mistika directly supports an array of file formats without the need to transcode, including those created by Sony, Panasonic and Canon cameras. SI-2K is also fully supported with realtime playback from both 2D and 3D Cineform files.

Development of Mistika’s stereoscopic tool have also continued. Functions to automatically match left and right eyes, in terms of color and geometry, have been expanded further, allowing auto-correction of keystoning, pitch errors and shear. Pixel-by-pixel color matching corrects even the most complex mismatches, such as those caused by the effects of light polarization.

As part of SGO's commitment to assist its customers to create efficient workflows across many products, Mistika has added support for bi-directional exchange with Avid’s Media Composer. This includes read and write support for DNxHD formats, conforming from AAF and support of Avid's stereoscopic groups. Multiple streams of DNxHD files can be played back in realtime, as can Apple's ProRes files, which also assists workflow with Final Cut Pro.

Digital Cinema Package functionality has been further expanded to add encryption to the final package, as well as being able to add subtitles from a pre-defined text file. These subtitle files can be used either to automatically generate subtitles for the DCP, or to create subtitles as text layers in the Mistika timeline.

At NAB, SGO is launching its free educational training program, Mistika Insight. Designed specifically for students and freelancers, it enables them to learn Mistika by gaining hands-on experience, within the parameters of their own environment and provides an opportunity to join the growing community of Mistika users. Based on a Windows operating system for ease of installation, the training program is complimented by a comprehensive set of online tutorials leading to an SGO certification process.