StationEX moving huge files via Signiant solution
October 22, 2012

StationEX moving huge files via Signiant solution

TORONTO — StationEX ( is using Signiant’s Media Shuttle desktop file transfer software as part of its new, long-form video content delivery service for broadcasters and post professionals. Media Shuttle gives StationEX the ability to move large volumes of video content quickly, easily and securely. Signiant offers a flexible subscription-based model that allows the firm to pay as it grows.

StationEX was founded in June in an effort to address the high-end, long-form delivery market, where client project files often exceed 100GBs. Their services is positioned as an alternative to shipping storage bricks or disks with content to colleagues, imposing delays for both domestic and international businesses. 

“We surveyed every corner of the market and Signiant’s Media Shuttle was the standout solution among available accelerated file transfer options,” notes StationEX GM James Murday. “It is as easy to use as email and provides the level of speed and reliability our business depends on. Just last week our team used Media Shuttle to send a 74GB broadcast-resolution file from Toronto to Eastern Europe in under two hours over the Internet. This phenomenal speed lets us deliver on our promise of same-day delivery anywhere in the developed world.”

Media Shuttle provides is an alternative to FTP, with file transfer speeds up to 200x faster, while delivering the ease of use of consumer-based file sharing solutions without file size limits or security risks. Users simply access Media Shuttle through a cloud-based interface, while assets remain securely stored on the customer’s network. Onboard Checkpoint Restart features assure file delivery by automatically restarting transfers if they become interrupted.