When a post house rebrands: ImageMaker
June 27, 2012

When a post house rebrands: ImageMaker

IRVING, TX — HD video production studio ImageMaker Post (www.imagemakerdallas.com) is going through a rebrand of its own. The studio has dropped “Post” from its name and chosen a new logo concept that was developed by RBMM (partner of The Richards Group). The design is aimed at positioning the company as a studio that can tell big stories in a simple way.

Owner/executive producer Sondra Brunone and the ImageMaker creative team collaborated with RBMM during the rebranding process, scraping long-standing logo imagery and identity elements to start at “designzero.” The result is simple, yet compelling: a series of nested rectangles in shades of lime green and matched with a clean modern typeface. 

“Sondra wanted to make sure that clients knew that while ImageMaker’s team works hard, they never forget to enjoy their work,” says RBMM’s Brandon DeLoach. “We devised a scheme to lay black and white photos over the green rectangle, transforming the logo into a series of unexpected and familiar everyday images. We believe that the result is a brand that is energetic, smart, and above all, memorable.”

Ten different image icons have been created, turning the rectangles into a production truck, a fish tank, even a briefcase with “secret agent” handcuffs attached. Each new icon has been married with specific marketing copy to highlight ImageMaker’s customer service, creative skills and business philosophies.

“These new branding elements provide incredible impact in their simplicity and we’ve enjoyed great initial feedback from clients and industry professionals alike,” comments Brunone. “But, I have to admit that the most telling reaction came from my own father. He told me that now he finally understands what I do for a living! That’s when I really knew we had nailed it.”