XDT offering entry-level Catapult Server
April 9, 2012

XDT offering entry-level Catapult Server

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — XDT Pty Ltd (www.xdt.com.au) is showing version 4 of its Catapult Server at NAB this year. The latest update includes powerful syncing options, custom transfer filters and notifications. Additionally, XDT puts forward a new cost effective, entry level pricing plan for its suite of Catapult products.

XDT’s Catapult suite of products deliver high-end point-to-point performance by using standard LAN and WAN networking infrastructure. The Catapult protocol addresses the shortcomings of common network protocols such as FTP, NFS and CIFS and bridges the gap between local and wide area transfers, which extends to remote review of uncompressed frame sequences, JPEG2000 transit compression and Autodesk StoneFS integration. Using any standard network interconnect, Catapult Server is capable of delivering the same local throughput performance of storage arrays between local or wide area network connected systems. Speeds of up 1GB/s can be reached over a single 10GbE connection.

Customers can now purchase a Catapult Server license for $1,995, which includes unlimited Slingshot clients, SlingshotCopy command line clients, network bandwidth of up to 1Gbit, Catapult Control web-based management and extensive transfer reporting and comprehensive user auditing.

“The new pricing for Catapult Server represents great opportunity and value for customers”, says Erik Otto, CEO at XDT. “The entry-level product will make our leading edge technology available to customers that would not usually have the budget to invest in proprietary transfer applications and hence resort to FTP based solutions.”

Catapult Server supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating platforms across all server and client applications.