Zoic, Butcher post AT&T Web series 'Daybreak'
July 5, 2012

Zoic, Butcher post AT&T Web series 'Daybreak'

CULVER CITY, CA — Zoic Studios (www.zoicstudios.com) provided animation and visual effects services for a new Web series that’s being presented by AT&T. Conceived by BBDO, Daybreak was produced by RSA Films, LA and includes a series of 10-minute Webisodes. The final five broke recently on the primary site as well as on the supporting microsite and iPhone and Android apps.  

Daybreak was executive produced by Tim Kring (Heroes, Touch) and directed by John Cassar of 24 fame. The online show follows character Ben Wilkens, who finds himself at the center of a global conspiracy. When he discovers an ancient powerful dodecahedron, he quickly learns that he must restore the object to its rightful place so that humanity will be able to make its next evolutionary leap forward.

In addition to animation and VFX for the series, Zoic created the title sequence. Studio creative director Simon Mowbray led the creative team to craft a design around the historically symbolic dodecahedron.  The shape has held mathematical, philosophical and spiritual significance for centuries, and came with a wealth of reference material from which the team could draw inspiration.  

Tony Meister crafted the VFX and animation for the title sequence. The studio also executed the color grade and particle effects for the dodecahedron in both Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.  Additonally, Zoic crafted the lightning, particles and explosion for the exterior New York that’s seen in Chapter 5.  The studio also created the Jack Boxer Image Recognition Graphics, which were designed by BBDO, as seen in the iPhone and Android app that delivers an immersive experience to audiences beyond the Web series.

Under the direction of EP/partner Rob Van and editor/partner David Henegar, Butcher (www.butcheredit.com) oversaw creative editorial and post on the five-part series, working closely with the television and advertising based content partners. David Henegar and freelance television editor Ray Daniels were lead editors, shaping the episodic thriller. The project involved the entire Butcher team over a six-week period. In addition to the offline, Butcher's Smoke artist Zac Dych finished over 50 minutes of content that included VFX, final conform, and all the online deliverables to the various media outlets. 

North Kingdom in Stockholm served as the interactive production company. Incendio’s Clark Mueller handled color work.