'Argo' editor to speak at Editor's Retreat
December 18, 2013

'Argo' editor to speak at Editor's Retreat

SAVANNAH, GA — Digital media training provider Future Media Concepts (www.FMCtraining.com) has announced that Oscar-winning editor William Goldenberg will be one of the guest speakers at the upcoming Editor’s Retreat. The event will be held from February 26 through March 2, 2014 in Savannah, and will offer experienced post professionals a forum to advance their skills and techniques, as well as explore new creative possibilities and discuss professional advancement.

The Editor’s Retreat is now in its seventh year and offers advanced training sessions in post, video, and audio techniques. Participants can also gain valuable insight into emerging trends and technologies, as well as the creativity, craft, and business practices of successful editors. 

Goldenberg took home the Academy Awards for his work on Argo. The producers of Zero Dark Thirty, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Miami Vice, Seabiscuit, and other well-known films, are also slated to speak at the event.

“The level of training participants receive at the Editor’s Retreat is unparalleled,” states Ben Kozuch, co-founder and president of FMC Conferences. “Nowhere else can participants learn best practices in post, video, and audio techniques directly from Emmy- and Oscar award-winning editors. Additionally, because participation is reserved for the industry’s best, the Editor’s Retreat is a casual and intimate setting, allowing for greater interaction between peers and instructors.”