May 24, 2013

Deluxe & HP enter film distribution partnership

LONDON — Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) is working with HP ( to improve the speed, security and quality of its feature film and trailer distribution. Under the terms of the seven-year agreement, Deluxe Digital ( will use HP Business Exchange Services (BES) content distribution systems, combined with HP Enterprise Cloud Services, to improve distribution of the latest feature films. The deal initially includes 3,000 cinemas across Europe in the next 18 months, with potential growth to 8,600 cinemas within five years.
Deluxe currently delivers feature film and trailer content on either hard drive or satellite on behalf of the major Hollywood studios. Hard-drive distribution requires physical delivery and return, which creates a complex disk inventory management process. Deluxe is working with HP to create a more reliable, secure and scalable managed delivery process using a cloud environment.
The network is designed to handle petabytes of data each month in order to fulfill the current distribution needs of films. It also has been architected to seamlessly absorb the expected growth in film size based on increased frame rates, resolution, dynamic range and other emerging technologies.
The new delivery and storage method will enable studios to distribute films on demand from a secure cloud environment via fast and economical broadband networks managed by HP BES. HP also will provide a business process service delivered on a cloud-based architecture and implement the new delivery method using HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Virtual Private Cloud.