Editorial house Hagon rebrands, opens Circus in NYC
October 2, 2013

Editorial house Hagon rebrands, opens Circus in NYC

LONDON — Editorial house Hagon, which was founded by Alex Hagon three years ago, has rebranded to become Circus. The company has also expanded into the US market, opening a new office in Manhattan’s Chelsea district.

“Why Circus?” asks Hagon. “It sort of summed up what it is we are: A group of people coming together under one roof to do great things. We’ve been in this business a while and we’ve worked with some of the best brands and agencies, and won awards too. But we’ve also worked with some not so famous brands and not so famous agencies, and they get the same amount of passion and commitment.”

Susanne Kelly will handle East Coast sales for the new studio, bringing nearly 10 years of experience working in various marketing and sales capacities in the advertising and commercial production industry. Cristina Matracia will continue at Circus in the producer role she occupied at Hagon.

Hagon was founded three years ago. Alex Hagon has since cut a host of high profile commercials, including Mastercard’s Favorite Things, KFC’s Drive Thru, and Gatorade’s Wade.

Editor Jono Griffith’s recent highlights include the Canal+ Bear film, Adidas’ All In, and Audi’s Vampire Party.Hago and Griffith will act as founding partners of Circus, heading a strong line up of editors that also includes Walter Mauriot and Joce Hockings.