August 7, 2013

Gravity Collection purchases stake in Caribou Ranch

BOULDER, CO — NYC's Gravity Collection Inc. (, a provider of action and outdoor sports television and film programming, has agreed to purchase a stake in Caribou Ranch, based outside of Boulder, CO. Gravity already distributes packaged media worldwide, and holds contracts to air films across a variety of channel distribution outlets and digital multi-platforms. Caribou Ranch is a music and entertainment company focused on a broad range of content creation opportunities in digital media, commercial production, live events, film, music and television. 

Gravity's plan is to expand its national and global reach with key acquisition, programming, distribution, branding and now a media facility for production, post production and distribution for both its sport programming and music.

"This agreement with Caribou Ranch will be instrumental in the expansion of our projects and programming,” explains Gravity CEO, Harry S. Vested, Jr. “Gravity Collection is excited to partner with Caribou and Jim Guercio as we move forward with our channel and brand. The GCI branded channel and apps will showcase hundreds of hours of top action and outdoor sports programming, as well as live events, and now allows us to move strongly into music. This includes originally- produced television content, feature films, shorts and clips from the world's best television producers and filmmakers in the action sports genre, including surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, mountain bike, motocross, climbing, music and more.”

In addition to New York, GCI has offices in Denver, Sydney, Australia and Beijing, China.