IBC 2013: Codex shows new on-set solutions
September 11, 2013

IBC 2013: Codex shows new on-set solutions

AMSTERDAM — London’s Codex is showing a number of new products at IBC, including Codex Review, Vault 2 and Data Logger One. Vault 2 facilitates fast transfers of camera originals, creating on-set safety copies, archiving to LTO tape and automated production management, image and metadata QC, powerful look management and review of all media. 

Recognizing the need for on- or near-set playback, the new Codex Review allows for playback of digital camera originals directly through Vault for QC and review on a calibrated monitor. It contains a full color pipeline and is ACES-compliant so that dailies can be seen as the cinematographer intended. A thorough QC can be performed with easy panning and zooming using a control surface. 

Codex’s new Data Logger One is a single-channel, serial data recorder that can be mounted on the camera bars. It captures metadata directly from a number of devices, including the Preston FIZ Controller and Cooke /i lenses. This data can include focus distance, depth of field, focal zoom position, inertial, GPS and iris settings. Codex provides options to get this metadata to the people who can use it — an open interchange format to move data to Pixel Farm’s PF Track or the data can be translated and processed directly. 

The company is also showing its range of Codex Onboard recording solutions, and the recently released internal recording module, co-developed with Arri, for the Alexa camera. The XR Module allows internal recording of ArriRaw at speeds up to 120 fps (16:9) onto an fast 512 GB XR capture drive.