IBC 2013: Flame Premium 2014 combines VFX, grading & finishing tools
September 12, 2013

IBC 2013: Flame Premium 2014 combines VFX, grading & finishing tools

AMSTERDAM — Autodesk (www.autodesk.com) is introducing new capabilities for its Flame Premium 2014 software at the International Broadcasting Convention 2013. The latest release of Flame Premium combines the creative capabilities of Autodesk Flame 2013 20th Anniversary Edition software, Autodesk Smoke Advanced software and Autodesk Lustre software in an efficient, intuitive new workflow that integrates visual effects and editorial finishing. 

Autodesk Flame Premium 2014 also features powerful new 3D visual effects creation tools, a graphics processing unit (GPU) pipeline that extends across the application for improved interactivity in the workflow, and enhanced realtime color grading tools.

Flame Premium 2014’s unified workflow was first introduced to Autodesk Subscription customers in the Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary edition. The workflow links Flame desktop, effects and editorial timeline, Batch procedural compositing environment, and Action 3D compositing to provide a more efficient method of working. 

The new release also includes several other feature enhancements, such a support for 3D warping in action, enhanced tracking to improve tracking accuracy on challenging elements, and Reactor 2.0, the GPU-driven Batch pipeline, which provides 16-bit floating point precision throughout the application. With Reactor 2.0, artists can preview effects in the timeline during playback and access more effects tools including GMasks and a single layer Action, as well as directly convert timeline compositions to Batch trees, to help artists quickly and efficiently iterate projects.

Flame Premium 2014 will ship later in the fall.