IBC 2013: RTW updates metering tools
September 16, 2013

IBC 2013: RTW updates metering tools

AMSTERDAM — RTW (www.rtw.com), the Lancaster, PA-based vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices, is showing new software for its TM3 and TM3-3G TouchMonitors at IBC 2013. The new TM3-SWMC software license incorporates a moving coil emulation display, while the recent TM3 firmware update 2.50 includes the new time test control option. 

The new TM3-SWMC software license expands the functionality of the TM3 TouchMonitor series with PPM, VU, loudness and a new combination of PPM and loudness moving coil instruments. The display features vertical or horizontal orientation, and numeric and peak indicators with single, double and stereo channel instruments. 

Based on a concept developed by the BBC, the TM3-SWMC software license option implements a combined PPM and loudness sum display. On this instrument, a third needle depicts one of the three summed loudness values on a separate scale. It is helpful for the intuitive display of loudness to be on target with a fixed relative-loudness scale (-9 to +9 LU). 

Offered as part of firmware 2.50, users can employ the time test control sub menu to set the parameters for starting and stopping loudness measurement functions. In addition to a manual control enabled by on-screen keys and/or the GPI interface, full or semi-automatic measurements can also be defined.