Impossible helps Animal Planet promote 'Tanked'
March 1, 2013

Impossible helps Animal Planet promote 'Tanked'

DENVER – Impossible (, here, is helping Animal Planet promote the new season of Tanked, which centers around brother in-laws Wayde King and Brett Raymer, and their Las Vegas-based custom aquarium shop, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. In the promo, the two are sitting in a diner, challenging each other to come up with unique aquarium ideas based around every-day objects.

The :30 and :15 spots combine live action of the stars with CG that illustrates their ideas for a diner-themed aquarium. “The core idea was that everyday objects — which to you and me are ordinary and mundane — are to guys like Wayde and Brett, opportunities,” explains Impossible creative director Brian Eloe.

One idea turns the waitresses coffee pot into a small fish bowl. Another makes use of ketchup and mustard bottles. With nothing being off limits, the duo conceive a table top tank populated with unique aquatic creatures.

The project was shot using an Arri Alexa as our camera and a set of T 1.3 Zeiss Superspeed lenses. 
The sweeping move around Wayde to reveal the table top tank was really two camera moves put together in the edit. Both parts of the shot were dolly moves on a Fisher 11, and the logo on the back of Wayde's shirt was the reference point for linking the move. Due to space constraints at the location the production team opted for this method rather than a crane or jib. 
All editorial was completed in Final Cut Pro. The graphics and finish was handled using Cinema 4D and After Effects. SynthEyes was used to capture precise camera match move tracking and allowed the team to integrate the data pass in 3D space. Davinci Resolve was used for color grading.

Impossible’s Ricardo Cozzolino cut the promos. Collaborators included senior designer/animator Burke Miles, designer Kennon Fleisher, and colorist Herman Nieuwoudt. The project was sound designed and mixed at Coupe Studios.