Indonesian post house grows with Small Tree
May 20, 2013

Indonesian post house grows with Small Tree

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Prodigi House, here, was founded in 2012 to handle post production on two feature film projects. It soon took on additional clients, such as Samsung and Honda, that were seeking support with TV commercials. The additional work and tight deadlines called for the company to upgrade their storage needs, so they purchased a Titanium16 from Small Tree (
Prodigi House has suites for offline and online editing, color grading and motion graphics. The studio needed a centralized storage system with enough capacity to allow the editing team to work on feature films and commercial television projects simultaneously. Small Tree’s Titanium16, which features 32TB of storage six 10GbE cards, allows editors to access media files quickly and easily from anywhere in the facility without experiencing the delays often associated with multiple users accessing the storage server at the same time.
“Titanium gives us a solid, dependable and affordable system that we can trust without sacrificing performance,” notes Tijoe Yauw Leng (a.k.a. Oleng), technical director for the Indonesia-based company. “Given the short time and tight budget we had, Small Tree’s easy-to-install, cost-friendly system was the ideal solution for Prodigi House.”
Prodigi House relies on applications such as Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Studio 3, Adobe Creative Suite 6, FilmLight’s Baselight and Autodesk Smoke Advanced Linux. The studio has Mac Pro and iMac workstations. Looking toward the future, they felt the scalable storage solution would grow along with them.
“With the immediate growth we experienced, we needed to know that we could upgrade the storage and add more workstations to handle more projects,” notes Oleng. “The ease in which storage can be added to the Titanium system played a substantial part in our decision to move forward with Small Tree. We know that we can add drives at any time to the Titanium to provide our editors with the storage capacity they need to complete client projects.”