Miami's New Art offering remote color grading
February 7, 2013

Miami's New Art offering remote color grading

MIAMI — New Art Miami ( has launched a remote color grading service that can provide clients with virtual access to realtime sessions with the company’s color grade team, while eliminating the need to travel to Miami. New Art is a full-service shop, offering editorial, VFX, 3D animation, color grading, finishing and audio post services. The remote color grading service brings clients and their colorist together in a realtime session in which they can watch, interact, and participate in the creative process from their computers. Sessions are accessed via the Internet using secure password logins.

“Our remote color grading service provides a project that doesn’t have room in its budget for travel expenses, with the opportunity to work with our multi-talented colorists, Oscar Martinez and Patrick Desfayes - without every leaving their office,” says Demetrio Bilbatua (pictured), New Art’s president/CEO. “It also provides local clients with the convenience of accessing the same high-caliber service, technology and talent that we offer in-house, without having to get in their cars or block travel time into their schedules.”

Clients can send files and their EDL to New Art, which then ingests them into the facility’s nonlinear color correction system. Their color grader performs a monitor calibration of the client’s viewing reference station. New Art’s team establishes a voice connection via Skype or phone, and then begins a realtime nonlinear color grading session.

Remote color grading delivers the same quality as in-house session, and goes through the same process, matching the color temperature of footage from multiple cameras, balancing out levels from scene to scene, getting rid of noise, correcting soft areas and achieving precise control of color and contrast by using window isolation. 

After the session is completed, New Art’s colorist posts selected files to an FTP for download and use.