Mindbomb app adds Hotkey icons
January 22, 2013

Mindbomb app adds Hotkey icons

Mindbomb (http://www.mindbombapps.com/gfxhotkeys/) has released Version 3 of Gfx Hotkeys, which includes the hotkeys for 51 applications used by visual artists. The release features a redesigned interface and is now optimized for iPhone 5 and retina graphics for iPad 3 or 4.

According to Mindbomb’s Bill Kastanakis, the app is designed to work as a reference tool for artists that keep an iPads or iPhone at their desk. 

“When you are looking for a hotkey: how to switch to the blade tool in Final Cut, you usually dig into the user guides or you start searching the Web, and most of the time you need a lot of time finding the one you are looking for,” he notes. “This app is designed to search and find a hotkey within :05 seconds, and that for visual artists is invaluable, because it didn't break the workflow. Initially I built this app some years back to help me.”

Users can sort applications alphabetically, or by category or company. New hotkeys have been added for Adobe Premiere CS6, After Effects CS6, Photoshop CS6, Speedgrade CS6, Illustrator CS6, Lightroom 4 and InDesign. New Apple hotkeys include Compressor 4, Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.

The release also includes hotkeys for the 2013 releases of Autodesk Flame, Smoke, 3DS Max and Maya, as well as for Avid Media Composer 6.5, Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve 9 and Maxon Cinema 4D R14.

Check out the Mindbomb Website for details, or purchase the app at the iTunes store.