NAB 2013: Ciphertex debuts 24TB portable, secure NAS
April 9, 2013

NAB 2013: Ciphertex debuts 24TB portable, secure NAS

LAS VEGAS — LA-based Ciphertex (, which provides hardware-encrypted storage products, is at NAB with the new CX-6K-AV, a 24TB portable, highly-secure NAS server. Suitable for backup, disaster recovery and business continuity, file sharing and virtualization, the Ciphertex CX-6K-AV makes use of the AES 256-bit encryption engine, which provides a high level of security with no loss of performance. 

The product is making its debut at NAB. Ciphertex comes to the media and entertainment space with a background in advanced hardware encryption for the forensics, oil and gas, government and healthcare market. Their expansion into the entertainment industry marks a natural outgrowth and they have successfully collaborated with Universal, Sony, Warner Bros. and HBO.

The CX-6K-AV server offers fast transfer of video dailies, high bit-rate audio files, 3D renderings and other high-resolution content. It serves as both IP-SAN (iSCSI) and NAS, offering advanced RAID configuration with hot-swap capability. The cost-effective server can store HD video footage and transmit fully encrypted data using AES 256-bt encryption at 1,000 MB/s over a 10 GbE network.

For the production ecosystem, the new NAS server is packed with security features to stop all unauthorized data access and prevent data breach even if the hard drives or the device is stolen. The dual OS embedded on the DOM architecture ensure redundancy. If one of the two operating systems fails, the other will boot up and operate normally while repairing the failed system. The dual Gb LAN ports can also be configured for failover, which allows the Ciphertex CX-6K-AV to sustain the failure of one network port and still provide continuous service.

The CX-6K-AV is VMware certified, Citrix XenServer ready, and Windows Hyper-V compliant. With an advanced Intel Core i3-3220, dual-core processor with 3.3 GHz, 2 GB DDR3 memory, it enables fast data transfers directly to any workstation via its 1GbE or 10 GbE interface and connects to external devices over eSATA or USB-3. The server easily accommodates three streams of 1080p24 at 16-bit RGB, three streams of 2K x 1,556p24 at 16-bit RGB or one stream of 4Kp24 (Red) at 10-bit RGB. 

The portable NAS server is available in an air-tight, water-tight and shatter-resistant field kit and is expandable with Ciphertex’s 20TB CX-Ranger RAID for a total capacity of 44TB of algorithm-encrypted storage. Additional CX-6K-AV units can also be networked together.

Priced under $5,000 the CX-6K-AV server is expected to ship in late spring 2013.