NAB 2013: Crossroads improves StrongBox NAS solution
April 9, 2013

NAB 2013: Crossroads improves StrongBox NAS solution

LAS VEGAS — Crossroads Systems, Inc. (, of Austin, TX, is showing its latest StrongBox LTFS NAS data storage solution at this year’s NAB show. The latest StrongBox includes new platforms that offer high performance while handling the huge amounts of data used in the media and entertainment industry. 

The T10, T20 and T30 StrongBox platforms bring enhanced efficiency and optimized performance for M&E workflows. Support has been expanded to include new LTO-6 tape drives, which offer 2.5TBs capacity per tape and data read and write speeds up to 160MB/s. 

Enterprise Jaguar (IBM TS1140) drive support provides expansive performance with a transfer speed of 260MB/s and capacity of 4TBs per tape, while providing high data reliability and shelf life.

StrongBox’s Reporting and Analytics module gives organizations a powerful view of the health and usage of their archive system. It allows for a 360-degree view of the content environment and providing insight into scalability requirements for the future. 

This latest offering allows organizations to ingest copies of data to a second archive site using physical seed tapes. The simplified StrongBox replication workflow provides complete protection for business-critical content. 

Partial file restore is now supported via the StrongBox early adopter program. This allows M&E professionals to quickly gain access to specific video clips without being required to pull and view the surrounding non-relevant content.

In addition, StrongBox now offers support for archiving Alternate Data Streams in Microsoft environments, supporting file metadata transfer storage along with archived files for rapid retrieval of assets from the archive. This functionality empowers users to meet specific requirements for effectively archiving merged files, such as imaging with descriptive content added.