April 8, 2013

NAB 2013: Digital Vision shows grading & restoration tools

LAS VEGAS – London’s Digital Vision (www.digitalvision.se) has its range of image technology solutions at this year’s NAB show, including the Nucoda 2013 color grading product line, which features many new tools and enhancements, and the latest version of its Phoenix restoration software. The company is also showing Thor, a soon-to-be-released, dedicated hardware product for advanced image processing.

Thor will be suitable for video and file-based sources, and will initially be able to process up to four HD video streams in realtime, or one stream of 4K in realtime, producing high quality images initially using Digital Vision's DVO tools. Thor can be deployed as multiple cards in a single system and will be able to switch between algorithms on the fly. The solution is designed to be platform independent.

Product line enhancements include expansion and refinement of the ACES workflow, as well as integration with Cortex Dailies from MTI. This integration allows for complex data to be shared between Nucoda and Cortex, including CDL, LUT and camera RAW settings. Other new features include an updated DVO Stereo fix tool and updated stereo tools such as the De-Warper, which fixes camera lens distortion.  

Phoenix restoration software continues to grow in capability with the latest release including tools to fix chromatic aberration, Y/C alignment issues and a color component align tool. There is also the addition of the nine-point and four-point warper. Digital Vision is also showing the soon-to-be-released DVO De-Warp, a fully automatic system for repairing warped film.