March 29, 2013

NAB 2013: Editware to launch DiVA editing solution

LAS VEGAS — Grass Valley, CA’s Editware ( is launching DiVA at NAB, providing more accessible and affordable nonlinear editing functions and server control. DiVA incorporates many of the company’s Fastrack hybrid editing and server control capabilities with user-friendly control via a keyboard, mouse, and/or touch screen. 

DiVA’s simple to learn UI makes it a good choice for freelance operator projects. Its keyboard has every function clearly indicated on keycaps without hidden CTL and ALT functions. Also, a new graphical user interface is usable for every keyboard operation via mouse or touch screen. The GUI includes groups of functions that can be positioned anywhere on the screen, allowing users the ability to set up their own grouping to best support their workflow.

DiVA’s native control applications, via Ethernet, of Harmonic Omneon and Spectrum, Grass Valley K2 and Summit, and EVS servers provide enhanced nonlinear editing functions. Editing control for most other broadcast industry servers is supported using the VDCP control protocol. DiVA also controls up to eight serial devices, including VTRs, switchers, mixers, and effects devices through RS-422.

DiVA’s software-only version with server control is available for as little as $2,900. Additional options include a multi-port serial card and video capture cards, a dedicated keyboard and jogger control panel. A DiVA system can be built by the user on a separately sourced computer, or provided as a turnkey system from Editware.