NAB 2013: FilmLight intros Baselight One, new Slate surface
April 8, 2013

NAB 2013: FilmLight intros Baselight One, new Slate surface

LAS VEGAS — FilmLight ( is further enhancing its line of color tools with the introduction of the Baselight One grading system. The disk-less, 4U tower system includes a full Baselight creative toolset, along with a 2TB solid-state internal cache that guarantees processing performance.

FilmLight is also showing Slate, its new compact grading control panel that’s designed to work with both Baselight and Baselight Editions. Slate draws on the success of the company’s Blackboard 2 panel, and retains all the quality, precision and ergonomic convenience but in a smaller form factor and at a lower price point.

Baselight Editions put the creative power of the Baselight grading toolset inside Avid, Final Cut Pro 7 and Nuke systems. At NAB, FilmLight is previewing Baselight for Avid Windows. Baselight Editions use the same OpenEXR-based BLG (Baselight Grade) files as all systems in the FilmLight range, so grading decisions can be passed between on-set, near-set and the grading suite simply and transparently.

The Flip on-set color visualization system has been refined. The device is now a smaller and sleeker, and can be battery powered for location shoots. Flip helps takes away the guesswork of digital cinematography, applying color correction on-set so productions know exactly what they have shot.

FilmLight is also showing Flux Store, a solution for storing and managing the huge amounts of content generated by today’s digital workflows. Capable of streaming 2K and 4K content into Baselight systems over dual-link 10 gigabit ethernet, Flux Store includes user-expandable storage up to 80TB with integral data management. Teamed with the new Baselight One, it makes a powerful streaming media hub to which users can add a second station when needed.