NAB 2013: Sony launches Media Cloud Services subsidiary
April 4, 2013

NAB 2013: Sony launches Media Cloud Services subsidiary

LAS VEGAS — Culver City, CA's Sony Corporation of America has launched Sony Media Cloud Services (, a new subsidiary designed to give creative pros a virtual workspace with media applications to store, share and manipulate content from any location. The company’s robust, scalable cloud platform, Ci, will provide studios with a “one-cloud” solution to collect, produce and archive high-value, high-definition content, allowing for fast and secure collaboration on a global scale. Sony Media Cloud Services is showing Ci at the NAB show in Las Vegas this month.

“Every day, creative professionals around the world spend numerous hours and resources on non-creative tasks, like moving and sharing content, figuring out how and where to store it, and getting the right assets to the right places and in the right hands,” notes Naomi Climer, president of Sony Media Cloud Services. “Sony understands these complex challenges, which is why we designed Ci as a functionally rich, scalable and secure, media-focused cloud platform that can enhance and streamline traditional production workflows to make it easier to collaborate more effectively and cost-efficiently.”

Ci has been designed with intuitive capabilities to analyze complex media and data to enable machine-assisted workflows. Pay-as-you-go pricing, unlimited scalability, and application-based servicing are some of its highlights. Creatives work from a secure, browser-based UI, making it simple for people to assemble teams online, work on projects and access files from locations around the world. 

Ci is currently in beta production. At launch, several features will be available. Ci MediaBox collects, organizes, previews, shares and archives media using a studio-designed cloud storage solution suite. Ci VideoLog enables logging of frame-accurate events to prepare content for downstream opportunities, distribution and playout automation. Ci AudioSync uses analysis algorithms and audio pattern matching to reduce non-creative editing work time in content-preparation workflows. Ci FrameMatch analyzes media files to automatically identify differences and likenesses between two sets of video files. And Ci ReviewApprove enables review, annotation and collaboration on media files across multiple locations in realtime, simultaneously.