New Colorworks facility targets 4K productions
February 6, 2013

New Colorworks facility targets 4K productions

CULVER CITY, CA — Sony Pictures Entertainment’s ( digital intermediate facility, Colorworks, has opened a new facility that will focus on 4K television post production. Located in the Capra Building on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, Colorworks 4K Television will provide post services for original programming shot in 4K and re-mastering services for film-originated media. It will deliver both HD masters for current distribution and 4K masters for future use.

The business plans is a response to the recent arrival of 4K Ultra HD TVs and new 4K camera systems, including Sony’s F65 and F55. More television productions are capturing in 4K and that, in turn, is creating a demand for 4K post services.

“Sony Pictures Entertainment and Colorworks are supporting the growth of 4K television by providing producers with a seamless solution for mastering their shows in the format of the future, 4K,” explains Colorworks’ senior VP Bob Bailey. “Our new television facility has been designed and built to move and process 4K data as easily as HD.”

Colorworks 4K Television will work closely with other units on the Sony Pictures lot, including picture editorial, sound editorial, sound mixing and visual effects, to provide producers, shooting on the lot and elsewhere, with an efficient, one-stop solution. Special packaging is available for productions taking advantage of inclusive services.

The new television facility features two 4K color grading suites and a 4K editorial finishing suite. The latest 4K imaging technology is employed throughout, including Baselight Eight color grading systems. Each room also includes 4K Sony projection systems, high resolution digital monitors and support gear required by high-level post production.

Grading and finishing suites are directly connected to Sony Pictures’ Television Backbone, providing colorists and editors with immediate access to original production media, metadata and other critical production and post data.