Rampant Design Tools releases 'Drive' collection
November 12, 2013

Rampant Design Tools releases 'Drive' collection

ORLANDO — Rampant Design Tools  (www.rampantdesigntools.com) has launched Rampant Drives, a new, affordable and portable solution for editors and VFX artists. Rampant Drives offer a collection of Rampant Design Tools’ Quicktime-based Drag-and-Drop Element libraries, consolidated on high capacity, portable USB drives. The drives include thousands of royalty-free clips and elements at a lower cost than purchasing libraries individually. Rampant Drives are standard 1TB, USB 3.0 drives, compatible with both Apple and Windows OS. 

The Rampant Design Extreme Drive offers over 8,800 clips, which represents every product in the company’s 62 libraries. Priced at $999, this offers a savings of over $5,000 compared to purchasing them individually.

The Rampant Cine Drive offers over 2,700 clips, including DarkLight, Speed Lights, Stage Light Transitions, Cinematic Flares, and Light Impacts. Priced at $499, the collection would cost $1,386 if purchased individually.

The Rampant Matte Drive includes Rampant Style Mattes 1 through 5, along with MatteFX. It’s priced at $219 and represents a savings of $375. 

The Rampant Visual Effects Drive features over 900 clips, including Cinematic Flares, DustFX Cinematic, Bokeh Optical Backgrounds, DustFX, FrostFX, GunFX, SmokeFX, FireFX, ChamberFX, InkFX, ShatterFX, HD Smoke & Fog, HD Cloud Chambers, and HD Fire & Flames. The drive is priced at $499, saving buyers $887.

The Rampant Effects for Editors Drive includes over 2,700 clips. In addition to Stage Light Transitions and Speed Lights, the drive also includes Cinematic Flares, DarkLight, FlareFX, Light Impacts, Gradient Overlays, Soft Light Overlays, LightFX, FlashFX, FilmFX, Film Clutter, GlitchFX, DustFX Cinematic, and GrungeFX Cinematic, The price is $499, offering a savings of $986.

With over 1,400 clips, the Rampant Distortion Drive includes DarkLight, GrungeFX Cinematic, Glitch Transitions, Screen Damage, Film Clutter, GlitchFX, Film Dirt & Scratches, GrugeFX and GraffitiFX. Buyers can save $571 by purchasing the drive for $320.

And the Rampant Animated Backgrounds Drive offers over 2,700 clips, including TextBacks Wallpaper, Grunge Brick, Curved Wall, Antique Radial, Simple Soft, Lush Radial, Stage Pattern, Dark Radial, Metal, Retro, Grunge, and Clean. Bokeh Animated backgrounds are also part of the $320 package.