September 23, 2013

VFX house MPC to open Montreal facility

MONTREAL — VFX studio MPC ( will open a new studio in Montréal, Quebec this autumn. The 25,000-square-foot studio is situated in Old Montréal and will be home to more than 200 artists. It will feature a full specification screening room, and will be networked through MPC’s pipeline, allowing for collaboration and review of sequences between each of MPC’s global studios. The investment is being supported by parent company Technicolor and the Government of Quebec.

The team at MPC Montréal will work on Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, with overall VFX supervisor Richard Stammers. Other projects that will be completed in Montréal include Into the Woods, with MPC’s VFX supervisor Matt Johnson, and Cinderella, with overall supervisor Charley Henley of MPC.

“We are excited to open a base for MPC Film on the East Coast of North America,” says Emilie Dussault, managing director of MPC Montréal. “This further extends our global network and perfectly complements our activity in Vancouver. Montréal is the obvious location as it has fantastic home-grown talent, is close to productions that sit on our current slate and the province been extremely welcoming to us through their fiscal regime.”

MPC’s recent film credits include work on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Man of Steel, World War Z , The Lone Ranger and 47 Ronin. The studio is now working in seven cities around the world with joint film and advertising locations in London and Bangalore, film locations in Vancouver and Montréal, and advertising studios in LA, New York and Amsterdam.