Web series 'Happy Tree Friends' sees DVD release
November 12, 2013

Web series 'Happy Tree Friends' sees DVD release

NEW YORK — Cinedigm has released Happy Tree Friends Complete Disaster, a collection of the cult, animated series that appears on the Mondo Media animation channel (www.mondomedia.com). The package is now available on DVD and for digital platforms. 

Happy Tree Friends was co-created by Rhode Montijo, Aubrey Ankrum and Kenn Navarro. The series features cute and cuddly animals whose daily adventures always end up going horribly wrong. The series combines cute forest animals with extreme graphic violence, and some laughs too. 

The series is produced By Christina Chavez, Julie Stroud, David Ichioka, Zdravomir “Z” Staykov and April Pesa. The DVD collection, which is being distributed by Cinedigm, comprises four discs with all 13 half-hour episodes. Seventy-five HD shorts are also included. 

Adobe tools, including Flash, are used to create the art and animation for Happy Tree Friends. Each three-minute short takes approximately one month to produce. Sound designer/engineer Jim Lively primarily uses Pro Tools to record, design and mix voices, music and sound effects for the show. Voice recording is done at Outpost Studios with Lively at the helm. Jerome Rossen from Freshmade Music composes all the original music for each episode.