AlterMedia ships Studio Suite Xi management software
September 9, 2014

AlterMedia ships Studio Suite Xi management software

BURBANK, CA — AlterMedia ( is now shipping Studio Suite Xi, the latest version of the company’s studio management software. Studio Suite Xi simplifies the process of running, organizing and managing workflows for production and post production environments. The Xi release features a completely refreshed interface, as well as iOS and Web access.  

“We have a lot in common with our customers,” says AlterMedia CEO/founder, Joel Stoner, “we come from the same world. Every day, we’re looking at ways to help our customers get away from the tedium of managing processes so they can get back to doing what they do best. Studio Suite Xi represents our passion for simplicity as well as our commitment to improving our user’s experience. We realize there are differences in every facility and every user. Our goal is to help you hit the ground running with Studio Suite Xi - from set-up, to configuring, to integration, or even customization. Studio Suite Xi helps creative people create!”

Studio Suite Xi is now accessible everywhere, allowing users to work on the desktop, tablet or smartphone. Its calendar function has been completely rebuilt and now includes resources, projects, tasks, employee schedules, and daily notes, giving users immediate visibility into their workflows and timelines. The new QuickLog feature allows staffers and freelancers to log their time into projects from anywhere, on any device, for free, without occupying a seat license.

Media management has been improved and now includes automatic storage of media assets on a shared server, automatic folder naming, intelligent backups, the ability to link those assets to contacts and projects, and the ability to access this data from anywhere. An elegant new UI offers a clean, simple and intuitive user experience.

Studio Suite Xi runs on Mac, PC, iOS, and any browser. AlterMedia offers three versions of Studio Suite Xi:  Solo, Pro, and Network, with Web and iOS access available on all network solutions.