Artbeats celebrates 25 years in stock footage
July 30, 2014

Artbeats celebrates 25 years in stock footage

MYRTLE CREEK, OREGON — Artbeats ( , a provider of royalty-free stock footage, announces the celebration of 25 years in business.  Founded in 1989, with an opportunity to supply background images to the growing desktop publishing industry , Artbeats has since grown considerably, providing royalty-free stock footage for broadcast, feature films, commercial, multimedia, game development and independent producers.

"It surprises me that so much time has passed,” says Phil Bates, CEO of Artbeats.  “We are still that young, vibrant company from 25 years ago, that was never a follower and always willing to take risks in order to move the industry forward.  Our business principles of integrity, smart risk taking, producing quality products, and our commitment to ‘wow’ our customers are the standards that have successfully taken our company through good times and bad.”

According to Bates, some of the company’s accomplishments include it being the first company to introduce Royalty Free stock footage in 1996, the first to introduce RF HD stock footage in 1998, the first to offer downloadable footage over the internet, the first to introduce RF Aerial Footage, and the first stock footage company to shoot aerials in the no-fly zone of Washington, DC. since 9/11.

Most recently, Artbeats completed a storm-chasing film trip and will soon introduce its first tornado footage to the market.