Bi-coastal music house Ring The Alarm opens
December 1, 2014

Bi-coastal music house Ring The Alarm opens

NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES — Ring The Alarm ( is a new music company that was founded by Daron and Jenny Hollowell and Brent Nichols. The team brings together experience in original composition for brands, ad agencies, TV and film studios, as well as collaborative productions with emerging artists.
“The way that music is integrated into the world has changed,” says managing partner Daron Hollowell.  “This is an opportunity to take chances and forge strategic partnerships with artists and collaborators. This holds true in making albums, but it also works across the board with delivering exactly the right sound for clients as well.”
Ring The Alarm launches as a bicoastal venture, with studios in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Even prior to their official launch, Ring The Alarm has worked on projects for Lincoln, Visa, and Nikon, as well as on two TV shows that are posting in January, and a film that’s currently in production. The company’s is also home to the Ring The Alarm record label, which launched its first release on November 3rd on Stereogum with the debut single “Go In The Light” from Orange Cassettes.

L-R: Daron Hollowell, Jenny Hollowell and Brent Nichols

The company’s name was inspired by the Tenor Saw song of the same name. The song is recognized as the first known example of early 80’s Jamaican dancehall, a breakthrough that signified the end of the then-current music scene and went on spawn a new era and influence countless genres and subgenres. The lyrics ring the alarm / another sound is dying are a call to action that echoes RTA’s ethos and perspective on today’s changing media landscape. 
In 2004, RTA managing director Daron Hollowell co-founded the music production company Black Iris Music, and established its subsidiary record label White Iris Records in 2009. Leading RTA’s production process is executive producer Jenny Hollowell, who has worked as a freelance agency producer and music house EP. Her career includes time with W+K NY, The Martin Agency, Anomaly, and 72andsunny before she became EP of Black Iris Music in 2012. 
Executive creative director Brent Nichols is formerly with Elias and is capable of executing musical ideas in any genre, having helped develop audio identities for top brands. Nichols spent nearly a decade as creative director and composer at music house Squeak E Clean.