Bulltiger & Randall Dark partner on new Austin studio
November 14, 2014

Bulltiger & Randall Dark partner on new Austin studio

AUSTIN, TX — Bulltiger Productions and industry veteran Randall P. Dark have teamed up to launch a new studio in North Austin. The facility is home to a 10,000-square-foot soundstage and a 2,500-square-foot greenscreen space. Bulltiger will develop original content and will produce compelling stories, working across film, TV and new media formats simultaneously.

“We watch television on our phones and surf the Internet on our televisions,” notes  CEO/founder, Stephen Brent. “The idea of developing for one specific media is becoming more and more obsolete. This partnership with Randall is perfect - we all have a strong vision of where the industry is going, and we want to be on the front line,”  

As filmmaker Randall P. Dark and Bulltiger compared notes early on, they discovered similar visions of what makes a project successful. "Bulltiger is a place where the latest technology trends meet with professional production methods, smart story tellers and an innovative vision,” says Dark. “What's not to like? I look forward to this new adventure.”
The team has several projects underway already, including documentary and narrative films, and a film technology festival. The studio is also available for rent by select local production companies. Bulltiger plans on hosting an open house in January.
Bulltiger Productions was formed in 2011 to develop film, games, mobile apps and graphic novels. Randall P. Dark is the founder of HD Vision in New York City and Dallas, a co-founder of HD Vision Studios in Los Angeles, a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and of the Consumer Electronics Association’s Academy of Digital Pioneers.