Creative Storage Conference keynote will have cloud focus
May 19, 2014

Creative Storage Conference keynote will have cloud focus

CULVER CITY, CA — The 2014 Creative Storage Conference ( will be held Tuesday, June 24th at the DoubleTree Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA.  The event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers, and professional media and entertainment end users to explore the conference theme of “Collaborative Workflows and Storage Objects.” 

The 2014 CS Conference will provide insights into a broad range of storage technologies used in professional media and entertainment applications. Quantum, Corning, HDS, Oracle, Sony, and Zadara will be among the exhibitors at the show, which is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance ( and Coughlin Associates (

Alex Grossman, VP of media and entertainment at Quantum, will give the keynote, focusing on cloud storage in modern media and entertainment workflows. Grossman’s keynote will address “The Smarter Cloud for Media: More than Compute and Storage – True Post and Broadcast Production Workflow.” 

Content creators are under extreme pressure to remain competitive and embrace higher resolutions, such as 4K, as well as new camera formats and a growing range of delivery options. Combine this with distributed teams and remote approval, and these factors are pushing the limits of traditional content delivery and post production workflow strategies, as well as the underlying infrastructure that powers these systems. The keynote will look at how the cloud can not only relieve this pressure but also be an important way to evolve and accelerate creative workflows.

The conference will feature six session spread over one day. They include:

- Getting the Goods: Changing Needs and Sources for Production Storage 

- Making the Cut: Storage Challenges and Opportunities in Post Production 

- Sharing the Wealth: Storage Needs with 4K Content Delivery 

- Having it All: Archiving, Preserving and Managing Media Content 

- New Visions: Future of Optical Storage 

- Professional Entertainment and Media Users Reveal their Digital Storage Needs and Desires

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