Mackie introduces affordable desktop monitors
July 16, 2014

Mackie introduces affordable desktop monitors

WOODINVILLE, WA — Mackie has introduced a new desktop-friendly, compact monitor line. The Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor Series includes two models — the CR3 and CR4 — with three-inch or four-inch woofers that provide a deep, punchy low-end. The monitors’ 3/4-inch silk-dome tweeters deliver smooth, articulate highs. 

The CR monitors also feature a curved high-frequency waveguide for wide, even dispersion of sound and a well-defined, immersive stereo image. In addition, their wood cabinets and custom-tuned rear ports provide natural warmth. Mackie sees the CR monitors as an affordable solution for those looking to step up from cheap, plastic computer speakers or for audio/video professionals looking for compact, quality-sounding studio monitors.
A left/right speaker placement switch allows users to locate the volume control on the left or right of their workstation. The front panel includes an on/off/volume knob with a lit power indication ring that will also control the volume of headphones, which can be plugged directly into the front of the monitors.

Creative Reference monitors come with all the connecting cables needed for the user to get started. A pair of acoustic isolation pads is also included to minimize unwanted bass buildup that can muddy a mix. The pads' angled design allows the user to tilt the monitors slightly up or down for more focused listening, depending on their setup.
Mackie ( will deliver the new CR monitors in August. They will be sold in pairs, with the CR3s costing $129.99 and the CR4s costing $199.99.