January 29, 2014

WildChild & Bonch partner for representation

NEW YORK — Creative post production studio WildChild, here, has joined forces with West Coast post studio Bonch to offer reciprocating representation. As a result of the WildChild/+Bonch partnership, Bonch in LA will represent WildChild’s roster throughout the West Coast for commercial and feature-length projects. WildChild, in return, will act in the same capacity in the East for Bonch’s accomplished roster.

The partnership follows a string of developments at each company. Bonch ended 2013 with a flurry of new additions to its reel, including editorial for new short-form films for Saint Laurent Paris, Cavalli and  Lana Del Rey. WildChild’s recent editorial work includes projects for Cadillac and Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as the Sundance Audience Award-winning feature film, Metro Manila. The studio also expanded its roster with the addition of executive producer and editors Richard Mettler and Stewart Shevin. 

Combined, the two companies are responsible for editorial on five music videos for Beyoncé.