Assimilate offers Scratch 8.3 for $650/year
April 8, 2015

Assimilate offers Scratch 8.3 for $650/year

SANTA CLARA, CA — Assimilate ( is at NAB with Scratch 8.3, which provides a cloud-based integrated ecosystem of advanced digital cinema tools for DITs, DPs, directors, editors and colorists. With Version 8.3, the full Scratch DI workflow and Scratch for on-set and VFX dailies, are now integrated into one toolset for a price point of just $650 per year. 

The Scratch 8.3 ecosystem also includes Scratch Web and Scratch Play 8.3 for realtime publishing and sharing of native Raw camera or other media with the entire creative team — in any format, any resolution, at any time, and anywhere in the world. Unicode is now included to support the high-growth, budget-limited Asian markets. And Assimilate’s 24/7, global technical support is available to all customers.  

All current Scratch or Scratch Lab customers on subscription or active support receive an upgrade to Version 8.3 at no charge, as well as a Scratch Web channel to publish Raw and other media data for collaboration and review.

Assimilate is showing Scratch 8.3 at its partners’ booths at NAB. They include Bluefish 444 and Maxx Digital.