Avid Everywhere launches new workflows & mixing modules for Pro Tools|S6
September 11, 2015

Avid Everywhere launches new workflows & mixing modules for Pro Tools|S6

BURLINGTON, MA — Avid (www.avid.com) introduces the new S6 Master Post Module, which joins the recently announced version 2.0 software and S6 Joystick Module for audio professionals. According to Avid, these new additions offer more advanced capabilities, delivering innovative new workflows and continue the Avid Everywhere momentum in the audio community.  Avid reports that 800 Pro Tools | S6 systems have been sold to leading studios, post houses and sound companies worldwide.

“With 800 systems sold since its release two years ago, Pro Tools | S6 has redefined what’s possible in audio mixing by offering unprecedented control, power, and flexibility,” says Kyle Kim-Hays, senior VP and CMO at Avid. “The introduction of version 2.0 software and new mixing modules provides audio mixers with new workflow options and even more flexible control, delivering on the commitment of Avid Everywhere to help audio professionals create their best work.”

The new S6 Master Post Module gives post mixers advanced control to easily deliver big, immersive soundtracks. Features include: the ability to quickly solo or mute stems, individually toggle between playback and input modes, and punch in and out of record with two rows of 10 PEC/DIRECT paddles and switches; easily switch between monitors to quickly dim, cut or fold down a mix using dedicated monitor controls for post; easily control more than 200 tracks with VCA Master support on the paddles. 

Avid’s S6 version 2.0 software offers mixers flexible new ways to manage large, complex sessions. The S6 Master Joystick Module enables mixers to position sound anywhere within a room by providing dual non-motorized, touch-sensitive joysticks for hands-on surround sound mixing. 

Pro Tools | S6 version 2.0 software is now available; the S6 Master Joystick Module can be ordered now and will be shipping in Q4 2015; the S6 Master Post Module will be shipping in 2016.