Forbidden showing advancements to Forscene software
September 12, 2015

Forbidden showing advancements to Forscene software

LONDON — Forbidden ( is at the IBC show with a number of new features for its Forscene video editing software. At the show in Amsterdam, the company is showing a virtual sports workflow, multicam editing over a standard internet connection, and expanded social media integration.

Forscene's virtualized digital-rights workflow is the first completely hardware-independent solution for the post production and distribution of Web-based content. This solution, integrated with deltatre's sports solutions and the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform, has already been successfully deployed in one of 2015's biggest sporting events. Visitors to IBC can see the workflow in action with Forscene's ingest server running as a virtual machine on the Microsoft Azure platform to transcode and ingest live video streams into Forscene accounts while remote editors use Forscene to create video packages and publish them directly to social media platforms and back to the Microsoft Azure cloud for distribution. 

According to the company, another significant new feature is dual-system audio, which allows Forscene to marry original video and audio source files that were recorded separately. This feature means that Forscene can now be used as a primary editing tool, with native rushes ingested directly into Forscene without the need for transcode or upload from other systems.

Forscene has the unique ability to publish completed edits directly to social media platforms and content distribution networks. Improvements to this feature — such as 1080p YouTube publishing, robust handling of HLS streams, and integration with Twitter — expand Forscene's social media sharing capabilities.

Finally, Forbidden has added new functionality to Forscene's multicam capabilities. In addition to being able to log up to 18 cameras simultaneously, users can now perform live cuts on multicam sequences. Designed to mimic the live switching of a mixing desk, the new multicam edit functionality allows editors to play a multicam sequence and select cameras on the fly during playback.