JMR's BlueStore DataMover provides high-speed file transfer
November 6, 2015

JMR's BlueStore DataMover provides high-speed file transfer

CHATSWORTH, CA — JMR Electronics (, which specializes in the manufacturing and integrator of scalable storage solutions, has released the BlueStor DataMover appliance. The high-speed, enterprise-class data mover operates at near line speed and is independent of file size or depth of directory nesting. 

Users can quickly and easily transfer large and small files across networks, whether locally, across the nation, or around the world. The system includes the capability to compress, de-duplicate, encrypt, and difference data, in virtually any combination, during data movement. All of these features operate at full bandwidth, independent of any latency introduced by the distance between the source and destination. 

With the DataMover, typical transfers across a 10GbE fiber optic link are in excess of 925MB/s with a 300ms latency and approximately 1.1 GB/s with lower latencies. JMR has tested file transfers inclusive of media files, such as DPX, large contiguous mezzanine files, and metadata files that typically choke even the highest bandwidth connections. 

The system includes a 2U appliance running CentOS and the DataMover application, which uses TCP/IP for orderly accelerated transactions and “drop-in” implementation with existing infrastructures. The appliance provides dual GbE and dual 10GbE networking ports and includes a custom, easy-to-use GUI that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. 

A typical deployment would consist of two DataMover units. A user would go to the simple user interface on one of the units and select the file or folder to transfer, and enter the IP address or name of the other JMR unit. The hybrid software and hardware solution will analyze and configure the transfer to account for latencies and different file types, sizes, and quantity. Simply pressing the transfer button starts the transfer, while realtime transfer status and progress bar are provided to the user. 

"Our DataMover appliance will set new industry milestones in delivering unparalleled, secure data transfer performance and convenience for any market application that requires the most expedient means to transfer data across LAN, WAN and GAN networks," says Josef Rabinovitz, president/CEO of JMR Electronics. "Imagine the cost and time savings in markets like finance, oil and gas, high performance computing, digital cinema, broadcast, media streaming, genome and the like in the reduction of transfer time per file for a given bandwidth, and the resultant benefit of being able to send more files in the same timeframe is a significant performance achievement. To help facilitate ease-of-transfer convenience, the system also incorporates a web-based directory/folder directory which allows any authorized users to upload and download files with a simple browser plug-in. Best yet, each DataMover is priced from $15,995."